Thank You!

It has been a while sense is have opened up a website. With life in general, it has been a roller coaster. Even though i like roller Coasters, I had to accomplish certain goals in order to point up a new site. Now I'm ready to show you my new works and a new collection. Stipple has always been the method that i have to create art, but with learning a new technique of the digital world.This took me so much time to get use to it.  But i have learn that digital is powerful for an artist to use. Stipple art is the time consuming method that i have been doing to for long, an digital has help me in a wahy that i can quickly create. Even though I to still do traditional stipple art, with digital stipple i can create color in my art now. There is so much that I have learned on my journey  as an artist. Now I Can.

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