Artshow 2020

Due to COVID-19 this art show is being postponed. Check back later for updates.
 Dear friends ! My art opening is April 26 and I'm so glad to hear from those of you who can make it! It's been so hard for me not to spill the beans on this one before now. 
I amoffering you a very special discount for being my guests!
The best part of all is that if you take me up on my offer you can become part of the exDear friendshibition on opening night!  Let me explain...
When you invest in a piece of art, you invest in the artist themselves. Artists thrive on not only moral support from friends and followers but also in the connections they make with others along the way. 
If we can connect through art, it's an amazing experience. By purchasing an artist's work, you help them realize their dreams plus you have a real, tangible part of that artist's journey. You become part of art history.
Wouldn't it be cool to show your support and be a part of that journey in a way that surprises and inspires?
Picture this - the gallery opening. People gathering and admiring the art on a beautiful Sunday afternoon - and then here and there the art of one of the exhibitors (me) starts showing up...on people!  
You can be one of them!  Here's how. I am offering a deep discount on my wearable art clothing line you can see at  Use discount code ARTSHOW2020 to get 40% off and all you have to do is show up at opening night wearing your sweatshirt or tee. Can you imagine how cool it would be to see a big turnout of a bunch of people all wearing a Jarrett T. Camp fashion design?
It would be so awesome for me to see that! Please wear your tee or sweatshirt to my opening and let's make a real splash together!
ORDER NOW from my website and use code ARTSHOW2020
to be sure you get yours in time for the event which is taking place:
APRIL 26 2 - 5 pm
Artists Alley, Myrtle Street located in the Monrovia Community Center Lobby
Monrovia, CA